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Reach the Right Audience to Empower Your Investor Marketing

DNA's tailored approach can help you drive traffic, generate leads, and reach your niche audience today!

Empower Your Startup With Our Expert Equity Crowdfunding Marketing Solutions

Discover how DNA's tailored approach can help you drive traffic, generate leads, and reach your niche audience today!


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Data Driven Marketing

Check out how we’ve boosted brands’ marketing efforts to generate more engagement and increase conversions!


Avadain Graphene

Avadain is a graphene tech company that used content marketing and advertising with DNA to crush their raise milestones.

  • Raised $1,347,420
  • 8.74x ROAS
  • 4.71 CTR​

Cybolt Security

Cybolt is an innovative security company in the tech space that utilized DNA's advertising to double their raise goals.

  • Raised $2,567,866
  • ​Generated 430+ leads
  • ​Accomplished in 2 months

Battle Approved Motors

BAM is a company developing electric vehicle technology that worked with a minimal budget to efficiently target investors. 

  • Raised $1,069,925 from
  • 8.55x ROAS
  • Pixel projected a 24x ROAS

DNA's Keys To Digital Marketing Success

DNA provides a comprehensive solution based on data-driven marketing campaigns to effectively acquire users, customers, and investors.

Strategy First Approach

We always start with a one month strategy that helps to establish clear objectives for measuring success, helps identify the target audience for tailored messaging, and optimizes resource allocation. Ultimately, strategy forms the foundation for impactful and successful digital marketing efforts.

Proven Algorithm

After working with over 500+ brands, we have developed innovative tactics to take clients' digital marketing strategies to the next level. We implement our curated internal audiences and most successful methods to increase brand awareness and boost conversion rates.

Data-Driven Results

We make impactful adjustments in creative, audience, platform, etc. based on data. By analyzing data, we can identify trends, insights, and audience preferences, enabling us to refine targeting, messaging, and creative elements to achieve better results and improve return on investment (ROI).


Why Clients Love DNA

"DNA was one of the best decisions we could have made for closing out our campaign. "

We needed a partner who had the right social media expertise to connect our campaign with a receptive audience. While the first month included a lot of testing, once we got through the testing phase, we were able to see real momentum around investments into our campaign. If we do another CF raise, we will absolutely work with DNA.

-Micah Bergdale, Joulez CEO-

"We would highly recommend DNA to anyone serious about launching a successful Reg CF campaign."

We initially engaged DNA to work on our Facebook ad strategy during our first crowdfund campaign and we were especially pleased with their results in the final week of the campaign with a ROAS of 8X. Building on everything we learned together we were able to do one better on our subsequent engagement of DNA during our third crowdfund campaign, where our entire campaign ROAS was an unbelievable 11X.

-Josh Simons, Vampr CEO-

"Their process was quick and simple with almost no time or effort from me."

The best part was I could completely trust their team to produce strategic innovative social media and content marketing for our crowdfunding campaign. DNA makes it super easy and is well worth the investment.

-Marie Williams, San Melix Operations-


Our Digital Marketing Expertise



Digital Advertising

We specialize in reaching targeted audiences through the development and activation of powerful digital advertising campaigns.

  • We've developed an internal investor list of over 10 million.
  • ​​We advertise across multiple platforms, such as Meta, Google, and TikTok, based on your brand and industry.
  • ​​We average a 3-10x ROAs across our managed accounts.


Content Marketing

Through developing innovative content marketing campaigns, we specialize in building brand awareness, driving targeted web traffic, & increasing page engagement.

  • We handle everything from emails, blogs, social posts, portal updates, to live events.
  • ​​We utilize content to build credibility for your brand giving you a voice in your industry.
  • ​​We work with you to consistently create and distribute content to show momentum and keep your audience engaged.


Strategic Outreach

DNA creates strategic digital marketing plans that help your business identify the right audience and the best methods of surpassing your revenue goals.

  • We strategize email, LinkedIn, and publisher outreach campaigns to spread the word and get your campaign on the map.
  • ​​Outreach gives your brand the third-party validation that it needs to stand out in the crowd.
  • ​​We harness outreach to expand your networks and partnerships to get insights into your offering.

discover how dNA can help you

Find out how DNA can take your marketing efforts to the next level!


The DNA 8-Point Strategy 

We take you through everything you'll need for your digital marketing campaign to kick-off your campaign with a bang! Our one month strategies provide the direction you need to maximize the value from your marketing efforts.

Industry Analysis

Take a deep dive into market trends, size of your industry, and why the market is attractive to investors and consumers.

Target Market Profile

Understand your audience's needs to determine what channels will be most effective and generate the most engagement.

Competitor Audit

Analyze  your competitors to understand what is working for them and use that information to refine your messaging.

Channel Strategy

We boil down your messaging to a core statement that defines your content goals, target market, and audience needs.

Creative Audit

Analyze your marketing funnels and look for the pieces of content and ads that you will need to create to optimize your funnel.


Define projections to clearly see how your funds will be allocated to each channel and the associated goals into an algorithm.

Strategic Partnerships

We help you leverage new audiences and distribution channels, by developing a prospective map and messaging sequence.


Create a timeline by mapping out your campaign month to month and week to week, to clearly set expectations and goals.


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